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Default OT: Car battery volt drop

On Tue, 27 Apr 2021 07:49:46 +0100, alan_m

On 26/04/2021 11:09, Dave Plowman (News) wrote:

The answer is very simple. Either use the car before the battery goes
flat, or charge the battery.

I keep one of those compact battery boosters in my boot. It has
successfully started a neighbours car after it had been left overnight
in the cold with the lights on.

I only do a quick top up charge on the booster pack every 6 months.

Is this a lithium pack alan?

I have a lithium pack that I have used successfully many times but as
you say, you do need to ensure it's kept reasonably 'ready' (not sure
it's good to keep lithiums at 100% charge when in storage) whereas the
super capacitive starters don't need to be kept ready, so could be
better for true long term 'emergency' use.

I think they are much more expensive though.

Mate bought one for himself and used it to start a car with dying
battery (several times) and then bought a bigger one and gave the
first to his daughter.

However, he suggested another mate buy one and when his battery went
flat, we couldn't seem to get it to work (I was helping him over the
phone) and he ended up putting it on a conventional charger for a few

Anyone here got / tried a capacitive one OOI?

Cheers, T i m