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On 25/04/2021 14:18, Bob Eager wrote:

I find it well worth while, but the membership criteria are weird. If you
have a business you are straight in (and a little more cheaply).
Otherwise it's a bit over 30 quid a year, and I probably save that just
on cat food! But individual membership is limited to (well, quite a lot
of people). All public servants, education (I qualify) and various other
stuff (I qualify again as a chartered engineer).

In their home stores the other side of the pond, there is none of this.
Anyone can have a Costco membership.

The UK is perhaps strange, they must be protecting themselves from
problem customers or practising something that ensures the well heeled
get better rewarded with supply and discounts.

I used to be a member back when it was the place to acquire cheap Levi
Jeans and ready roasted chicken. That was before next day internet
shopping became a thing.

Adrian C