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"David" wrote in message
On Sun, 25 Apr 2021 20:23:38 +0100, newshound wrote:

Exactly. The default design is single wheeled for a good reason, for
example running up a scaffold plank. Two wheelers are great where the
access is reasonably flat and level, and you don't have to turn on a

Broadly speaking, the distinction between a wheelbarrow for gardening etc
and a wheelbarrow for the construction industry.

I learned my barrow running on building sites many years ago, and the
ability to run along a scaffold board, stop, and stand the barrow on the
nose to empty it was very useful. Swivel from side to side as well.

How much practice did it take (ie how many times did the barrow fall off the
plank when you were learning!) before you got the hang of running a
single-wheel vehicle along a plank that was not much wider than the wheel?

I've always admired the skill of the drivers who drive cars on and off car
transporters (*), without straying a few inches one way or the other and
letting one wheel fall off the narrow ramp - without any way of seeing where
the car's wheels are in relation to the ramps. I suppose the shallow lip on
the ramp helps to keep an errant wheel from falling off and makes it obvious
to the driver if he's strayed close to the edge. When my car had to be
collected by recovery driver onto a transporter (ie all wheels off the
ground) when it broke down, the driver made it look as if he could have done
it with his eyes closed.

(*) Eg on "Bangers and Cash".