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Default Long telescopic ladders?

On 20/11/2020 16:19, T i m wrote:
'Some people' might, others have morals / ethics and be happy to
provide (good) value for money.

I have probably done hundreds of jobs in my time for others where I
could very easily have charged (and was generally offered) money to do
so but refused, preferring to work on the 'What goes round, comes
round' idea.

That's not that I couldn't have made use of the extra cash of course,
but as long as I could live reasonably comfortably that was all I

So, I'd get called out by an elderly neighbour because their TV /
video had 'gone wrong' and I'd pop along (often there and then) and
sort it out for them (for nowt).

That's what being a good neighbour is all about eh?

I'm talking about people running a proper business, not do goodery.
Obviously you wouldn't charge for helping a neighbour out. I've spent
four hours today moving stuff in van and trailer for a new person in the
village. No question of asking for money.