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Default Replace Bosch Oven Light - GGrrrr

On Mon, 26 Apr 2021 10:20:16 +0100, thescullster wrote:

Hi all

Not sure how common a problem this is or whether it is a design flaw.

Whenever I need to replace the oven light, the glass cover that protects
the bulb is always seized in, probably something to do with cycling
temperatures mixed with vapourised food particles.

Anyhow, this time it seems to be worse than ever. Either that or I am
getting weaker which is highly likely.

The glass cover which is about 2-1/2" diameter has a thread on it, so
the whole thing screws into a plate at the top of the oven. It doesn't
screw into the oven casing itself but rather a plate above this which
moves a bit when turning the glass cover (this is not really relevant
but a detail which seems strange to me).

Unfortunately, the glass cover is surrounded by heating element so it is
not possible to get one of those rubber strap type oil filter remover
gizmos on it.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom on methods to get the glass cover
to unscrew please?
And yes, according to the instruction manual I am turning the thing the
right way (although I have tried "tightening" it in an attempt to free
it off).

For our Bosch oven, they sell an extractor that fits over the cover and
makes it easy to turn.

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