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Default Hedghog Highways, fencer failed to make

On 26/04/2021 08:52, Brian Gaff (Sofa) wrote:
I'll have to think about that. The idea I think here is to re introduce the
Hedgehog again since we have not seen one for over 2 years. Maybe somebody
could teach them that rolling up into a ball on a busy suburban street is
not a good way to avoid cars. Also people need to be very wary when using
strimmers as some Hedgehogs have had legs amputated by them.

A friend of mine had four hedgehogs visiting the garden every day.
Towards the start of winter, and over a period of two weeks, three of
them were found very slowly wandering around the lawn during the day,
which is not a good sign. All three were taken to the local hedgehog
rescue centre which was only a five minutes drive from my friend's
house. All died within a day or two. The people running the hedgehog
rescue said that they had many hedgehogs brought in from around the
local area which had died soon afterwards.

My friend will be re-populating the garden if the rescue centre has any
over-wintered hogs that have survived.

I believe that in some areas hedgehogs have evolved to run when caught
out on a road.

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