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Default Advice to people about to buy a Stihl pressure washer

I don't think, quite often the designers test the materials they use to make
stuff from enough. They believe what the makers say then end up with egg on
face later on.
I had a great ratchet Screwdriver made by a company beginning with g. I
bought a later version a few years ago and the handle started to slip within
a year. Crap plastic. I had to araldite it back on.



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This one is three years old. It failed within a few weeks of purchase the
shop said 'pressure switch' and fixed it under warranty - or did they?

Last week it started getting 'lazy' with restarting after having switched
itself off.

So stripped it to get the pressure switch off. It's a simple enough
assembly - mainly plastic - screws into mazak housing. O-rings seal it.

No way would it unscrew. Whether it had been deliberately glued in place
by the ******* who replaced it under warranty, or what I do not know.

I managed to get *most* of it out but damaged the housing in the process.

So that's a new housing was well. Half the cost of a new washer.

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