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Default Hedghog Highways, fencer failed to make

I'll have to think about that. The idea I think here is to re introduce the
Hedgehog again since we have not seen one for over 2 years. Maybe somebody
could teach them that rolling up into a ball on a busy suburban street is
not a good way to avoid cars. Also people need to be very wary when using
strimmers as some Hedgehogs have had legs amputated by them.


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"Andrew" wrote in message
On 25/04/2021 12:50, alan_m wrote:
On 25/04/2021 12:33, Brian Gaff (Sofa) wrote:
OK I need some suggestions. I asked the person building my new fence to
a couple of hedgehog highways in the base, but he forgot, and I could
see this till somebody sighted came around. He says now its too late as
concrete Gravel boards are now cemented in, even though the fence panels
of course be pulled out. So Should I try to dig little tunnels under the
concrete about 6 inches deep and line them with something to create

That is exactly what the foxes have done around my way to get to the
various gardens even though they can also jump from shed to shed roofs
and use compost daleks as a step.

Personally I would bother lining them.


Foxes dug a hole under the fence twixt me an neighbour so that they
could knock the peanut feeder stand over, but has also been seen
jumping/scrambling over 6 foot panel fences.

Hedgehogs are quite good at climbing, as has been shown on TV
programs about hedgehog highways so making a hole in the panel
above the gravel board would do. Just add a housebrick each side
as a stepping stone ifyou want to help.