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Default Realigning guttering

Andrew wrote:
The only stuff I would avoid is Hunter plastics, as sold in Wickes.
The connectors are very difficult to 'snap' into the locked position,
something you don't want to do at the top of a ladder.

It turns out that we have the Freeflow Square Line system, the bracket being

It appears the derating for a 5m gutter with the outlet at the end isn't so

Level gutter: 1.10 litres/sec
1:600 gradient: 1.55 litres/sec

so it is possible I might get away with just repositioning the downpipe if
the existing gradient - which isn't obvious by looking at it - is flat

If that doesn't work, I might have to make up some shims to slide the
brackets up and down, or to drill extra holes in the brackets to realign.

Another one for the todo list...