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"PeterC" wrote in message
On Fri, 23 Apr 2021 23:04:37 +0100, NY wrote:

On 23/04/2021 22:28, PeterC wrote:
Any pointers please to decent ones or, if none, the least bad of those
available? Need metal pan and prefer solid tyre and quite big. Capable
carrying 150kg+.

Go for a barrow with *two* wheels rather than one - much less likely to
tip over, spilling its contents where you don't want them to be spilled.

Yes, I'm considering that - although it can be difficult/impossible to get
into some places.
I'd like a twin-wheeler with the wheels on about 6" - 10" centres - some
stability and still narrow. Could be done with the axle mounted as with
wheel with more spacing.

Yes our wheelbarrow (Von Haus plastic pan, so not suitable for your 150 kg
loads!) has its wheels spaced a bit wider than I would like. A few times
I've clipped objects on the ground because the wheels seem to be very
slightly wider than the pan which is the thing you see when you are judging

I wouldn't go back to a single-wheel barrow - the number of times I've had
those tip over on an axis between the single wheel and one of the two rear

We also have an electric barrow which is great, but that is three wheels:
the front two have broad treads and inflated tyres, but the rear wheel which
is used for steering is a narrow solid tyre which leaves grooves in our
gravel drive, or on the lawn in anything except very dry conditions. That
really should have a broad inflated tyre at the back - maybe harder to steer
but kinder to lawns and gravel. On gravel there is the added problem that
the rear wheel gets bogged down in the gravel and then the front wheels
cannot provide enough grip to pull the barrow along: I'm wise to that and
distribute the load as far as possible over the front axle.