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Default Yosser Hughes is alive and well

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Who is Yosser Hughes?
You won't see a finer acting performance than Bernard Hill as Yosser
Hughes in "Yosser's Story". It's not available on iPlayer,

I see they've got all five of the BFTB episodes. Bookmarked for future

Try not to watch them without first having seen the original one-off
film "The Blackstuff" (hence "The Boys From").

It was shown (IIRC) in 1980. Written by the same writer and with largely
the same cast. It paints a background you need to know to get the most
out of TBFTB.

I saw the original and the series that followed when it was first shown
in the early 80s.

The original was shown on BBC4 last November. I've still got the
recording, so I'll watch that first.

Although all the episodes had their amusing bits, they were, if I
remember correctly, very hard watching at times, particularly "Yosser's
Story". Light entertainment it most certainly wasn't!

"The Blackstuff" depicted the gang mustering in Liverpool and travelling
by crewbus to Yorkshire (Leeds, I think - the setting for most of the

The later series was set entirely back in Liverpool.

The DVD box set contains the original film as well as the series.