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Default Is 14V cordless sds drill ok for diy?

On 21/04/2021 10:22, Mike Halmarack wrote:

I see that some cordless sds drills have massive 24V/36V, which makes
me wonder how a 14V model would cope with drilling holes through walls

I have used a 14.4V Makita combi, and as you might expect, it's not
quite as powerful as the 18V, but certainly adequate for most drill
driving and carpentry tasks. It will also stick wall plug sized holes
into reasonably solid masonry easily enough.

I would expect the SDS version to do so with ease. The are it might
struggle with is larger hole saws or auger bits.

The trend seems to be away from the mid voltage batteries these days -
with more focus on the small and light 10.8V, and the 18V ranges (and
the multiple 18V ones for big tools)

I noted that the openreach wiremen seem to get given Makita 10.8 SDS kit
for sticking holes through walls these days... (the one who installed my
FTTP came equipped with such and no charged batteries - fortunately I
was able to offer him a range of alternatives!)



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