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Default Is 14V cordless sds drill ok for diy?

On Wed, 21 Apr 2021 12:20:39 +0100, Andy Burns

Mike Halmarack wrote:

I see that some cordless sds drills have massive 24V/36V, which makes
me wonder how a 14V model would cope with drilling holes through walls

Hatton garden sized holes or red rawl plug sized holes?

I have a couple of 10.2/12v drills, but I generally use m just for pilot
holes, or countersinking, or for screwdriving. I'd pick 18V hammer
drill or SDS for anything heavier, 14V might not be too far behind 18V

I was thinking that if a manufacturer like Makita made 14v SDS
drills, there would be quite a good chance that they'd work to a
reasonable SDS level, if there is such a level.

makita now have an 80V battery SDS.

Maybe in time these will be considered puny too.