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Default Went the day well?

On 21/04/2021 08:57, charles wrote:
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Vir Campestris wrote:
On 18/04/2021 21:22, charles wrote:
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Tim wrote:
Huh! I remember getting 5 cycle punctures in one week after a lane I
used on my way to school was re-surfaced with bitumen and crushed stone
chippings. '58/'59 or so. Common here for little used lanes to have a
grass strip down the middle.
Thats's what I called "Three ply" earlier in the thread.

Oh. I assumed you meant tarmac that had been allowed to grass over, then
a new layer on top!

I've seen lanes like that, and often there is tarmac under the grass.


lanes are fine, but A roads?

Lanes in Scotland are called 'A' roads

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