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Default OT: Very, very short term car insurance

On 21/04/2021 09:01, Ian Jackson wrote:

As with many of the government's regulations,
is rather ambiguous. It says

Uninsured vehicles
Rules in England, Wales and Scotland
You must have motor insurance for your vehicle if you use it on roads
and in public places.
You do not need to insure your vehicle if it is kept off the road and
declared as off the road (SORN). This rule is called €˜continuous
insurance enforcement.

It cunningly fails to say whether it needs insurance if it's not on the
road or in public place, but not SORNed.

I think that's a bit harsh. It tells people the conditions they need to
meet to avoid the need for insurance - viz keep it off the road /and/
declare it SORN. If you want them to say e.g. "you have to do *both* to
avoid the need for insurance" then they'd have to do the same everywhere
there are 2 or more conditions else people would think there must be a
difference. I don't think that'd help.

Personally, I was under the impression that it now did (from a couple of
years ago).

Your are right. The offence of "Being the registered keeper of an
uninsured vehicle" was added to the offences for driving without insurance.

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