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Default Moss algae killer

On 20/04/2021 22:57, Ian Jackson wrote:
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On 19/04/2021 23:53, wrote:
fairy liquid 60cc 1 liter water kill moss but not quite as good as
Iron Sulphate which is not expensive

I use iron sulphate on the lawn but it would stain the paving slabs.

Yes - you'll certainly end up with ginger-coloured slabs.

Given half a chance, my lawns end up with 90% moss and 10% grass. I used
to be able to get ferrous sulphate in 25kg bags. In the 1980s a works
colleague (who was in a gardening society that got discount for bulk
purchases) got me one from time to time, for around 6 pounds each. The
last one I got (around 2000) was from a local hardware shop, for around
10 pounds. The next time I wanted a bag I was told the EU had listed it
as hazardous (25kg might give you a hernia??), and you could only get it
in tiny 1kg boxes - which cost around 7 pounds.

You can get 2 kilo on ebay for around £7, fine for me as that lasts a
couple of years for my lawn.