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Default small potentiomenter with switch

On Tuesday, 20 April 2021 at 22:29:52 UTC+1, Rod Speed wrote:
"whisky-dave" wrote in message
On Tuesday, 20 April 2021 at 20:09:11 UTC+1, Peter Able wrote:
On 20/04/2021 11:47, whisky-dave wrote:
Does anyone know where I can buy those old school type small
potentiomenter with switch you know the ones like they had on the first
hand held radios in the 60s-70s and on walkmans and stuff just a little
wheel and the click for volume control. And cheap of course

I know I could by the standard rather large pots with DSPT but I want
to put
this thing inside a mouse (computer mouse that is) .

Get one out of a scrap radio is the literal answer.

Tell us about the mouse project !


It's for a small project to get students (those interested in hardware) to
adapt an old mouse or we can supply one
so they can have rapid fire button with speed adjust. So need to switch it
off for normal use too.
unfortunately these seem more expensive (over £3) than the mice we buy ;-)

yes I know there maybe a software solution but we need to attract more
than just keyboard kiddies to hardware.

looking to buy 20-40

Alibaba should work.

True but quantities seem to be in 1000s, will get my manager to ask, see if they can supply 20 or so samples.