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Default Sthil ms260 rebuild

Hi all

My sthil ms260 was starting fine but overheating and cutting out. My local garden machinery repair place told me it was because the piston/cylinder was scratched and as this would probably have damaged the rod it was beyond economic repair.

Knowing nothing about engines, but surprised by the cost of new chainsaws, I spent some time on google and youtube. I ordered a new crankshaft, piston, various bearings, gaskets and cylinder assembly. It took me alot longer than I anticipated but the chainsaw is now back together with all the bits replaced. I was happy with everything but now realise that with all the jumping about on youtube I have greased one bearing too many. As well as the bearing I should have greased (in the sprocket) I have also lightly greased the little end bearing with lithium grease. I know really I should take it all apart again to clean it and put it all back together, but if I started and ran the saw as it is and everything else was right would it do much harm?