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Default OT: Very, very short term car insurance

On 20/04/2021 19:07, Richard wrote:
On 20/04/2021 19:02, GB wrote:
My son has an old banger sitting on the driveway. He wants to insure
it, take it for an mot, then stick it back on the driveway and cancel
the insurance.

There'd be a cancellation charge, but it's cheaper than a temporary

Any thoughts? Will they blacklist him?

Don't you know how to search?

Just tried that on Veygo.

And tried it a few ways around for different vehicles and drivers.

So if I lie and say my Dad is under 75 (he is just over 75) its £50 a
week for him to drive my £2000 worth of slow Skoda.

If I want to drive his more expensive and rather faster Golf for a week
it's £50

If I try it on my MD's Maserati then it does not exist on their
database. And nor did the Bentley that a premiership footballer I work
for drives (I suspect they are under a lease).

I have not yet tried it on the "special car" I posted a picture of.