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Default Electric vehicles

On 20/04/2021 11:44, nightjar wrote:
On 20/04/2021 11:18, Steve Walker wrote:
On 20/04/2021 10:24, charles wrote:
In article ,
*** nightjar wrote:
On 19/04/2021 12:14, Tim+ wrote:
I still think youre over-complicating this.* Taxation doesnt need
continuous mileage monitoring, it could be paid monthly or even
based on milometer readings....

A system that would require a small army of people to read the
and another small army to collect the revenue. Whereas road fuel duty,
is collected automatically at the point of sale.

No, you could just plug into a local terminal (or even use Bluetooth)

Or even just reported manually online,

Disadvantaging the 20% of households with one adult over the age of 65
without internet access; a group that also has the lowest ownership of
smart phones, at just 53%

I know many pensioners (I am surrounded by them, as we live in a
slightly odd road, with a mix of housing - our house is semi-detached,
2-storey, while our neighbours on one side and all down the opposite
side of the road have bungalows, plus our relatives, relatives of
friends, etc.). Only a tiny proportion drive, but do not have broadband
or a smartphone. As we move towards electric vehicles and the years
pass, that number will probably dwindle to zero. There is no reason that
an automated phone system could not provide an alternative anyway.

Presumably existing petrol and diesel vehicles will continue with fuel
duty and only the electric ones need pay per mile.

with an annual check during the MOT. This would require new vehicles
to be MOTed from 12 months...

Or you could just slap a huge tax bill onto drivers after three years.