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Default Electric vehicles

On 19/04/2021 12:14, Tim+ wrote:
I still think youre over-complicating this. Taxation doesnt need
continuous mileage monitoring, it could be paid monthly or even annually
based on milometer readings....

A system that would require a small army of people to read the odometers
and another small army to collect the revenue. Whereas road fuel duty,
is collected automatically at the point of sale.

To go back to where this started, I didn't say that taxing electricity
use in vehicles was something I expected to happen, simply that it would
be wrong to think it couldn't be done. Expert opinion is that road
pricing will replace road fuel duty and that it will most likely involve
GPS units in every vehicle. ANPR is a possibility, but is vulnerable to
number plate cloning. Either way, it will raise serious privacy issues
and still need a reliable way to collect the revenue.

Colin Bignell