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Default Electric vehicles

nightjar wrote:
On 19/04/2021 07:50, Tim+ wrote:
Robin wrote:
On 18/04/2021 19:37, nightjar wrote:
On 18/04/2021 13:44, Tim+ wrote:

I dont think it would be that hard to institute a similar system here.

Which would amount to fitting a different type of smart meter to the car
- one that reads mileage instead of electricity use.

A charge on mileage does not /need/ any new technology or tracking. GPS
can be offered as just one among other options. It's up and running now
in Oregon.

And - unlike anything involving smart meters built into cars - road
charging can be (a) applied to cars already sold which will be in use
for years to come and (b) updated without a massive recall/refit.

Thanks for that. The last point about the system not needing retrofitting
is an important one I think.

Unless you use ANPR, with all the privacy issues I mentioned, something
would need to be retrofitted.

I still think youre over-complicating this. Taxation doesnt need
continuous mileage monitoring, it could be paid monthly or even annually
based on milometer readings.

Yes, some people would undoubtably fiddle the system but most wouldnt,
especially if draconian fines were brought in for €śmileage correction€ť as
they call €śclocking€ť these days. Random spot checks on mileage would also
help to deter folk.



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