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Default Electric vehicles

On 18/04/2021 20:56, ARW wrote:
On 17/04/2021 11:12, Andy Bennet wrote:
On 17/04/2021 11:05, Tim Streater wrote:
On 17 Apr 2021 at 10:49:43 BST, Andy Bennet wrote:

On 17/04/2021 05:42, jon wrote:
* On Fri, 16 Apr 2021 15:58:46 +0100, Broadback wrote:
* Lots of post on them but what do they cost
* How is the government going to recover all the fuel tax, when the
* majority of vehicles are electric.

Tyre tax.

A new tyre duty based on average milege obtainable with reasonable use
of each tyre.

Need to be a bit careful with that. Otherwise it suddenly becomes
for wide boys to start offering "low-cost" retreads on the sly and
for others
to have an extra incentive to jack your car up.

No better or worse than siphoning fuel, doing a garage fill and run,
or useing red diesel.
Any scheme will be open to illegal fiddling by the lower orders of

And the higher orders never commit any crimes?

Take Jeffery Archer as an example.

Have you read any of the books he wrote? Bring back hanging IMHO.

All scum are lower order by definition, including trump.