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Owain Lastname writes
On Sunday, 18 April 2021 at 11:26:37 UTC+1, The Natural Philosopher wrote:
As a boy post war, most roads were tarmaced - but not all, in the country.
Whereas I think pre WWI very few were.

I vaguely remember gravel roads occasionally in Hampshire, possibly in
the New Forest, in the 70s?

Huh! I remember getting 5 cycle punctures in one week after a lane I
used on my way to school was re-surfaced with bitumen and crushed stone
chippings. '58/'59 or so. Common here for little used lanes to have a
grass strip down the middle.

Also some motorways and main roads that were concrete with expansion joins.

One of the older family friends (honorary uncle) said one of the main
differences in his lifetime was the widespread tarmac roads and the
absence of dust.


Tim Lamb