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Default LiPo vs Rechargeable Lithium 123

On Sun, 18 Apr 2021 09:07:18 +0100, Andy Burns

Nick Odell wrote:

The 123 cells each weigh something between 13.8-14.0 grammes, the
little helicopter LiPo about 10.2g.

In the same way of measuring 18650 cells, a CR123A size is a 16340 cell.

I have a Fenix torch that takes a 26650 cell, it has a Fenix branded
cell 4800mAh (98g), according to my BT-C3100 charger, that capacity is

Fenix sell various sized Li-ion cells, including a 16340 (19g), but only
with a capacity of 700mAh

The mAh/g is better for the larger cells, obviously the metal casing is
dead weight, surface area to volume ratios and all that, which is one
advantage to LiPo with their flimsy "bags".

So I'd doubt any 16340 cell that claims 1500mAh capacity, if Fenix could
make one with double the capacity, why wouldn't they?


I have lots of pound shop NiMh AA rechargeable batteries - I know,
they are completely different but when some similar cells are
available at 2100mAh, the ones made for pound shops are invariably

These 123s say Li-ion and 3.7v on the sleeve.

Did I squint and read on the photos that they have a minimum voltage of
2.75V? That seems quite low for Li-ion.

The full text from one I have here (different brand) reads "The
voltage of full charge and cut-off discharge is 4.2 and 2.75v"

I use these cells in analogue cameras. I've never kept them going
until the low battery light comes on in order to find out how long
they really last because I tend to put freshly charged cells in before
I go out. However, using auto-focus, auto-zoom and motor film
transport, on-board flash and all the other gubbins, I can run through
two or three films and the mechanical action is still as crisp and
sharp as it was in the beginning.