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Default Electric vehicles

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Lots of post on them but what do they cost

How is the government going to recover all the fuel tax, when the the
majority of vehicles are electric.

Tyre tax.

A new tyre duty based on average milege obtainable with reasonable use
of each tyre.

What could possibly go wrong when you replace a pay-as-you-go tax most
people don't notice with a lumpy tax that'd probably increase the price
of tyres by around a factor 4*? Start with:

maximum hiss

theft of wheels rockets (gor bless them cordless angle grinders)

smuggling (of dangerous tyres too)

Ministers get blame when cars with bald tyes skid and kill kiddies

*back of envelope assuming new cars account for half new tyres in UK

They will stick GPS in every car and couple it up to a credit card in
order for the ****ing thing to respond to the go pedal

I know you posted that as a laugh

not entirely.

but personally I think the credit card in the slot is a much better way
of paying per mile than simply transparently billing the keeper's bank

There are lots of scenarios where payment for use of a vehicle, other
than by the keeper, is required.

Starting with the rental market, where having to post process the monthly
bill back to the 20 people who rented this car this month is going to add
on a considerable admin fee from the rental company for each hire.

I think it will come down to that. then the internet crashes and everyone
is ****ed

The plans for retrospective billing back to keeper, predated the possibility
that cars would be always connected

They worked on the basis of the sealed-units storing the data and uploading
it whenever they managed to contact a suitable base station, with a
pseudo-penalty "system" to catch people who managed to drive around without
ever uploading that data.