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Default LiPo vs Rechargeable Lithium 123

On 17/04/2021 13:31, Nick Odell wrote:
The LiPo battery in a tiny remote controlled helicopter toy has
failed. I can tell it's failed because it has blown itself up like a
party balloon! I was surprised at how low the capacity was - 200mAh
was printed on the side. I've now replaced it with a similar 350mAh
LiPo battery.

I was just wondering how the performance of these LiPos compare with a
more conventional rechargeable lithium 123 cell. The 123 only weighs
4g more than the LiPo yet seem to have many times the storage capacity
so presumably there must be some reason why they aren't used in this
application. Any thoughts?


123s are about 50% heavier and have lower terminal voltages (3.3 v 3.7
average) although they are more bombproof

I think they are LiFePo technology

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