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Default What are these electronilc parts

On 14/04/2021 04:43, micky wrote:

What are the devices in these two parts of a schematic

On the left is probably the lighting for the 2005 Solara trip computer.
The schematic calls it the Upper Console Panel Sub-Assembly which I
think is the part above the radio (but the schematic lists the clock

It's not a electronics schematic, it's a electrical wiring diagram for
auto mechanics. There is a lot that Toyota have chosen not to display,
lest you not buy their spare parts as complete modules. But they have
given you a general sense of what they do.

I understand the LEDs but why zener diodes, and another diode (since
there is 12V DC at the top and ground at the bottom)?

Zener diodes to avoid spikes killing the LED, reversed biased they will
clamp the voltage to a maximum.

The other diode is reverse polarity protection, as generated by spikes,
faults or mildly idiotic users.

On the right is almost all of what the Toyota wiring manual calls the
combination meter, meaning the speedometer and other meters in the
instrument cluster. I aassume the "rheostat" is the thing it has to
adjust the brightnees, that the LED (or more than one) provides the
light, but what are the strange things at the bottom and to the right.

N-Channel Mosfets.

They look like they are connected to transisors, but they have the 3

vertical lines, one of which in each set has a left-point arrow.

Try a post to sci.electronics.basics

The manual has a list of symbols and it has LED, photodiode and zener
diode, but not the strange things in that picture.

The actual reality, choice of parts etc... is up to Toyota.

BTW, was this an appropriate post for Imgur? Most of their posts sseem
to be more entertaining.

For displaying pictures for us, certainly. Preferable to the other two.

I though I had flickr and instagram but I can't find the login info. I
don't understand all this computer stuff.

If you don't understand "two factor authentication / two step
verification", I'd step very carefully on the internet, and close down
what you don't use.

As far as I'm concerned, Instagram is for kids.

Adrian C