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Default OT: Plastic Igus Drylin bearings can be cut?

Leon Fisk wrote:
On Tue, 30 Mar 2021 16:26:12 -0000 (UTC)
John Doe wrote:

In case anybody knows...

Can those be cut to make shorter?

I would think so. It's polymer plastic or whatever, plastic.


Try reading the Amazon reviews. Sounds like they are brittle, sometimes
they are even broken upon receipt...

Years ago when I serviced printers... GE used what we called graphite
bearings on their dot matrix print carriages. No lube at all. Worked
well but were very brittle. If you happened to drop one on the floor it
would break

GE dot matrix printers? How long ago was this? What speeds, shaft
diameter and loads? I'm really quite curious. How did they wear?