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Default Landlords and EICR

On 26/02/2021 19:08, ARW wrote:
On 26/02/2021 11:18, Robin wrote:
On 26/02/2021 10:53, Owain Lastname wrote:
On Thursday, 25 February 2021 at 20:22:02 UTC, ARW wrote:
How would you code a smashed 20A DP immersion heater switch in the
airing cupboard showing exposed cores on a circuit that was removed
the CU several years ago when the combi boiler was installed?

If the other end of the cable was *completely* removed from the CU,
it's not part of the electrical installation at all.

I'm not /sure/ that is a complete answer given the way "electrical
installation" is defined differently for BS7671 and for the
regulations for landlords:

BS7671: Electrical installation (abbr: Installation). An assembly of
associated electrical equipment having co-ordinated
characteristics to fulfil specific purposes.

SI 2010/2214 (applied by SI 2020/312): €śelectrical installation€ť means
fixed electrical cables or fixed electrical equipment located on the
consumer's side of the electricity supply meter;

I am going to say it's not part of the installation (Owain is the winner
of this small competition). Note that the other end of the cable no
longer enters the CU and would take considerable effort to actually
reconnect it (see other post). I did say removed...

But you didn't say how well removed :-)

The switch was IMHO nothing more than a Tracy Emin work of art..

I removed the switch and patress faster than it would have taken to
write out the ****e on the EICR. The screws are still their I just used
a hammer and snips.