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Default Landlords and EICR

Or just screw a cheap plastic box over the top... grin.


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"David" wrote in message
On Thu, 25 Feb 2021 20:21:58 +0000, ARW wrote:

Some of us here are aware that landlords now have to have an EICR every
five years on their rentals.

So I went to do remedial work on a report that was done by another

C1 Danger Present C2 Potentially dangerous C3 Improvement recommended FI
**** It - I'll look at it later and that's going to cost you/it's 4pm

For those that do not know the codes.

How would you code a smashed 20A DP immersion heater switch in the
airing cupboard showing exposed cores on a circuit that was removed from
the CU several years ago when the combi boiler was installed?

If there is no power to it, I would suggest an FI and possibly gaffer tape
or similar to hide the non-dangerous bits.


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