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Default Landlords and EICR

On 25/02/2021 20:21, ARW wrote:
Some of us here are aware that landlords now have to have an EICR every
five years on their rentals.

So I went to do remedial work on a report that was done by another company.

C1 Danger Present
C2 Potentially dangerous
C3 Improvement recommended
FI **** It - I'll look at it later and that's going to cost you/it's 4pm

For those that do not know the codes.

How would you code a smashed 20A DP immersion heater switch in the
airing cupboard showing exposed cores on a circuit that was removed from
the CU several years ago when the combi boiler was installed?

If not live then it can't be a C1.

If there is a risk to it being live at some point then C2 or FI

If there is some confidence that it can't be live from being competently
isolated at the CU then perhaps C3.

And the answer is?