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Default Epoxy, Fabric and Wood

In rec.woodworking, DerbyDad03 wrote:
Will epoxy hold flexible plastic to fabric? Specifically, West Systems
G-Flex epoxy and 3M Dual Lock adhesive tape.

I'm trying to help a friend extend the life of a couch. To keep the
cushions from sliding forward, the manufacturer used Velcro-like hook &
loop material between the bottom of the cushions and the fabric that
covers the springs in the base of the couch. The H&L strips are sewn
onto the cushions and base and have served their purpose well for many

I've used E-6000 for plastic to cloth in the past, specifically for
covering a CD binder with faux fur. It's held up well, and I gather
E-6000 is widely used for fabric applications. It smells bad while
curing and will take a day or so to set.

I see it is now a whole family of products:

I use a little at a time for various projects, and am on my third 2 oz
tube in about 20 years. Unlike some other adhesives I've used, it lasts
pretty well after opening.

the binder has seen less use since getting rid of the car with the CD player