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Default Epoxy, Fabric and Wood

On Mon, 11 Jan 2021 07:46:59 -0800 (PST), DerbyDad03

Overall question:

Will epoxy hold flexible plastic to fabric? Specifically, West Systems G-Flex epoxy
and 3M Dual Lock adhesive tape.
I'm trying to help a friend extend the life of a couch. To keep the cushions from sliding forward,
the manufacturer used Velcro-like hook & loop material between the bottom of the cushions
and the fabric that covers the springs in the base of the couch.
The H&L strips are sewn onto the cushions and base and have served their purpose well for many years.
Unfortunately, the springs have weakened, so my friend put a piece of 3/4" plywood under the cushions
to add firmness. This works fine, except that the cushions slide forward whenever someone
sits on the couch since the H&L is no longer connected.
She tried some of the 3M Dual Lock adhesive tape between the cushions and plywood,
but the tape does not stick to the fabric on the cushions for very long. After a few "sitting sessions"
the tape, which is actually a hard but flexible plastic, loses it's adhesion to the fabric bottom of the cushion.
Short of taking the cushions to an upholsterer to see if they can sew the Dual Lock to the cushions,
I'm wondering if the West Systems G-Flex epoxy might hold the tape to the fabric.
Other suggestions for preventing the cushions from sliding on the plywood would certainly be appreciated.

I'm confused .. more than usual it seems that you need to
attach hook/loop to the plywood - not the cushion .. ?
... .unless the cushion's H&L is worn out or compromised ?
Can't she hand-stitch some small pieces of H&L to the cushions ?
.... staple some to the plywood ?
John T.