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Default Why are stairlifts so slow?

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Or maybe they realise that anyone with an incontence
problem would have something to **** in which isnt upstairs.

I consider it a bad idea to have a multi-level house without
even a half
bathroom on each level.

But if you bought the house when you were 20....

I am living in my 4th purchased item of real estate. A house
in my 20s would not suit my current needs. I sell and buy as my needs
change through life.

I guess you're one of those who somehow managed to pay off the
mortgage of the 1st three.

You don't have to have paid off the mortgage to be able to change
houses, stupid.

True. We just put all our efforts into paying our mortgage(s) off asap.

Wow, I have to thank Mr. Rod for the laugh calling you stupid for
paying off your mortgage.

I didn't, I called the PHucker stupid for being so pig ignorant, stupid.

You, Rod, are the pig ignorant one. *You* introduced the topic of
selling houses before paying off mortgages hence it is your *skew
factor*, not mine. I am aware of that ability but it was *not relevant*
to my response or the poster to whom I was replying. I was merely
responding to an assumption, correct though it surely was, by another
poster. *You* came barging in acting like a dick, as you often do.

On my third house and, of course, no mortgage.* My secont house
started at 15% and re-fi a couple of times.* Can't say I've done
everything right over the years but I knew retirement would be much
better with no debt.

A LOT of prople switch houses numerous times without ever paying off a
mortgage - moving up, moving sideways, or moving down. It was an
advantage for the folks selling our house when we bought - it had a
transferable mortgage at 6 1/4% when the going rate was 20-22%. We
still had a mortgage on the house we moved out of too, but the equity
in house#1 allowed us to pretty much pay cash to the existing
mortgage. We payed off that mortgage before buying a gallon of paint
to do any redecorating.

Don't think any mortgages here are transferable. Not that I ever needed
to do that.

Here some are, some are not. If you feel you MAY want to sell before
the mortgage maturity, having a transferrable or an open mortgage can
be an advantage

Definitely, especially if you locked in a very low interest rate
*before* the interest rates went through the roof. They used to exist -
well, permanently locked in interest rates though I don't think they
were transferable here. Now you can only get a short term of interest
rate lock-in but, with interest rates at rock bottom and no sign of a
rise any time soon, it's no longer a concern.

Granddad bought a 100 acre farm from an estate in 1928 for $2000 with
an open 1.25% mortgage. He dutifully paid his $25 interest every year
untill 1965 when he sold the farm and paid off the mortgage. 3
generations of the estate were involved before it could be settled.
Nobody could acuse old granddad of wasting money!!!!