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Default Denon AVR HDMI question

On 24/07/2019 15:14, root wrote:
Adrian Caspersz wrote:

Forget the splitter. You need to connect....

PC - TV - Receiver.

One of your TV's HDMI inputs should be supporting ARC (Audio Return
Channel) - this will provide pass-through audio on all channels to the

It's an interesting exercise to check all independent channel outputs
actually work from your PC mixer. With all HDMI it should be a breeze.

In my case as my own receiver doesn't support HDMI, I make do with the
optical output from my TV, sending audio to that over HDMI encoded as
Dolby Digital 5.1 using the A52 plugin.

Just mentioning but you definitely don't need that

Thanks for responding. I found there is a significant delay in
the sound when the receiver is set to TV.

That sounds like a delay function has been left active in the receiver,
that should be turned off. It may have been previously enabled, so that
sound and picture are in sync after the time taken for picture processing.

Also the sound is
then stereo instead of 7.2 HDMI.

Looking at the table on the above page, that is from the use of
HDMI-ARC, and not HDMI-eARC.

Your TV needs to support HDMI 2.1 for that.

If you haven't got HDMI 2.1, I think your splitter implementation is
possibly more justified now!

Adrian C