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Default What's available to remotely switch a power circuit?

On 15/05/2019 12:24, Chris Green wrote:
We want a set of sockets (powering mostly low power things like lamps,
PCs, phone chargers, etc.) which can be turned on/off remotely by
somrthing like a switch by the door. Thus one would be able to leave
the room and 'turn off' using a swithch at the door.

It doesn't need to be long range, just across a room and I'd really
prefer something mains powered rather than battery powered. We don't
want to have to select what to turn off either, it just needs an
on/off switch (with specific on and off positions, need to know it's
off) to turn off all of the sockets on the particular circuit.

The Quinetic 16A remote is the best I can find so far but it's not
quite guaranteed to maintain it's on/off positions. Is there not some
sort of remote control switch that would look and feel like a normal
light switch, always 'up for off/down for on' (in the UK)?

The Quinetic Remote Socket Adaptor with a 4/6 way plug board really is
your best bet .
By "guaranteed to maintain on/off position" do you mean 0% chance of it
being switched by external interference ? If so I dont think any remote
switch is.
If you mean the ON and OFF positions of the switch occasionally reverse,
then I have had this happen with a 2 gang light switch very occasionally.
Its usually easy to remedy - put the switch in the required OFF
position, remove power to the remote adaptor or circuit being controlled
, switch power back on.
Another way is to remove the switch out of range and set to correct