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On 2019-02-21, John B Slocomb wrote:
On Thu, 21 Feb 2019 17:59:54 -0500, "Jim Wilkins"

[ ... ]

You buy a blank, unthreaded, chuck backplate and use the lathe to
thread it to fit the spindle. Then you match the front of the
backplate to the back of the new chuck.

You could practice threading a pipe fitting before risking the

Back when I was an apprentice boy no 3 jawed chuck was considered to
be perfectly centered and one always chucked up a larger piece of
stock to allow for a "truing cut" to ensure the work was running true.
Things shore have changed but a 4 jawed, independent chuck and a dial
indicator was the only method of ensuring that a work piece was

Absolutely! Though you can get fairly close for many purposes
with an "Adjust-Tru" style chuck.

Best to Re-True it each time you change the size of stock held
in the chuck.


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