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Default curious symptom old Fisher stereo amp, inputs strange

On Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 6:07:32 PM UTC-5, wrote:
5:36 wrote:
"You have those backwards. On A RECENT receiver, the tape in
"comes from" the tape.
The tape out comes from the pre-amp section prior to the
volume control. "

See my edit(caps) above.

On older gear, pre-1980, the routing of
those ins and outs as I described them
stands. How do I know? Because I
assumed the same thing you stated
above, and got no audio! Once I
flipped both RCA pairs around, Voila,
everything was fine.

I won't argue your results, but with 35 years of repairing audio gear, I have not seen one yet that has that property. The in/out label on any gear is usually for that particular unit. The same exists on tape machines. There are input and output jacks there as well. The "output" jack on the tape should be activated when the tape is in play mode, thus is an output.