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Default Bloody domestic customers

Brian Gaff wrote

The thing about dogs is that they are pack animals and can be aggressive
toward interlopers who are not pack members.

Most arent.

Most people would not let their dogs loose when stranger are about.

I always did. Corse one time the neighbour's kids thought
it was hilarious to have the patio door open only a slight
amount and sting him on the nose with rubber bands.

One of them discovered that that wasn’t a great approach
when the next time that stupid kid was sitting in a deep
armchair at my place and the ****ing great alsatian walked
up and bit him in the stomach. The stupid kid nearly died of
fright and wasn’t actually stupid enough to do that again.

"ARW" wrote in message
It's a while since I did domestic work.

So I was really looking forward to todays job which was domestic.

Well the customers fanny licker of a dog (it had been running around
uncontrolled and yapping for about 10 minutes) decided to bite me so I
said a very loud "OUCH". Customer makes no comment or ignores me and the
fanny licker runs around for a few more minutes before biting me again.

This time I hoof it with my steel toe tapped boot across the room, the
dog yelps and the customer starts to complain.

Customer wants me off offsite and threatens to call the police and report
me to the RSCPA. The MD arrives and assures the customer it was not
deliberate and that I had accidentally stood on the dogs paw.

The cheeky **** of a customer then asks the MD for a discount and about
10 seconds after him asking the fanny licker then bites the MD in full
view of the customer and the dog gets kicked across the room for the
second time in a half an hour.