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Default Walmart LED lamps

wrote on 8/8/2018 8:05 AM:

I said I would tell Iggy when one of the Walmart LED light bulbs failed And it happened two days ago. Yesterday I went by Walmart and got a replacement. About the same price but noticeably different. The original had a frosted bulb, and the replacement is clear. And the LED is more or less like a filament.

But the real difference is that the replacement failed the same day it was installed. I replaced it with another bulb from the same box. We will see if it is infant mortality or what.


Everywhere in the world is converting to LED bulbs. LED bulbs are longer
lasting and more fuel efficient. However, the US light bulb
manufacturers have strong aversion to LED bulbs. They probably conspire
to deliberately make or import lousy LED bulbs to buck the trend.

It is the same thing like everywhere in the world is using Celsius and
kilograms, while the US is still using Fahrenheit and pounds. We are a
bunch of very sick people here.