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Default Removing battery corrosion

On 2018-02-12, wrote:
On Sun, 11 Feb 2018 17:41:13 -0800, Jeff Liebermann

What were you trying to make? Soldering flux (usually a mix of zinc
chloride and hydrochloric acid)? Don't use it on electronics as it's

That's acid plumbing solder for copper pipes.

But you brought up a question. Electrical solder is rosin. What exactly
is roisn and how does it work for a flux? Is it the same thing used for
playing a violin, which as far as I know, is made from pine tree sap?

yes that's the stuff.

what it does is when heated decompose into acids which dissolve oxides,
and into hydrocarbons which reduce oxides back to clean metal, all of
which which helps the molten solder to wet the metal.

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