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Default Removing battery corrosion

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On Monday, February 12, 2018 at 5:37:06 PM UTC-5, wrote:

water from a/c is free

If you are writing of condensate water - that is, perhaps, some of the least 'healthy' water on the planet.

a) It condenses on (mostly) aluminum that is exposed to (typically) 90% return/10% fresh air. The return air is freighted with whatever is in the house/building/whatever that passes through typically very coarse filters. So, dander, dust, bacteria, grease, and whatever virus is in circulation. The fresh air could have very nearly

anything in it.

b) Whatever corrosion exists on the fins becomes part of it.

c) And it drains via channels and/or tubes that could be 'growing' in their own right. Even if anti-mold tablets are utilized, *THAt* chemical is no fun either.

It was the Legionnaires disease that was traced to the AC water.