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Default Removing battery corrosion

On Sun, 11 Feb 2018 04:52:51 -0600, wrote:

But there is still a little of that battery corrosion still in there. In
all the years I've worked on electronics, I have never found a perfect
way to clean up leaked batteries. Is there some sort of spray or a
chemical that will dissolve or deactivate that crap?

I use 409 spray cleaner, a plastic scraper, and a paint brush. For
alkaline cells, scrape off as much of the white powder as possible.
Clean what you can with the small paint brush. Then attack with the
409 spray. It will evaporate dry in about an hour. If you have an
air compressor, you can blow out the excess liquid and it will dry

It's been so long since I've seen any equipment that uses a carbon
zinc cell, that I don't recall how it's cleaned. Probably some
alkaline cleaner.

The most common problem I see are corroded battery springs and
contacts. Once the plating is gone, it's difficult to keep them from
corroding again. Grease helps, but makes a mess. So, I replace them
with similar or identical spring contacts purchased on eBay and other
online vendors:

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