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Default Need help INTERPRETING these test results police cruiser SAEJ866a Chase Test

On Tuesday, 16 January 2018 17:25:40 UTC, Mad Roger wrote:
On Tue, 16 Jan 2018 08:45:56 -0800 (PST),
tabbypurr wrote:

I think price is not an indication of anything other than what the
marketing can make people pay. It's certainly not an indication of quality.

that's true now

Yup. Basic Economics 101. Price is only a function of demand.

Price is never directly related to quality.
Price is only a function of demand.

even that's wrong.

Demand is a function of lots of complex variables, which is why they
invented Marketing (to greatly influence the demand).

I'm not sure what you mean by "scrapyards". To me, that means a junk yard,
which contains dead cars.

same here

I can't imagine buying used brake shoes or pads off a scrapped car.
I just can't.

Are you talking about *used* brake pads or *new* brake pads?

they're on cars, so used.'

Whoever proposes to buy brake pads and shoes off of junked cars is fine
with his logic, but he doesn't need to repeat it since it's not something
most of us would do.

I can see buying some parts at a scrap yard (e.g., a door or a fender), but
I just can't see buying a brake pad or shoe off a scrapped car.

How do you even do that? Do you walk around the junk yard to look for your
exact year, make and model and then pull the wheels and then pull the pads?

why would you need the same year car? The same brake assembly was used across the body style & engine/trim option range for years

That's a lot of work, if you even find the right make and model,

no work at all. 'I'm looking for abc from an xyz. We got those here, here & here.'

and then
if you can get to it (since they pile these things five cars high

not all are.

and if you can get the rusted lug bolts and brake drums off and

you're not much of a mechanic if you can't get brake drums off

then you have to disassemble the brakes.

well, remove the shoes anyway, a trivial exercise

Seems like a *lot* of work

maybe 5-10 minutes versus 5 buying new off the shelf. Since I was also there to buy another entire wheel/brake assembly it saved time rather than adding it.

for a brake shoe that will be "iffy" because you
have no way of knowing their condition ahead of time.

total rubbish.

I just don't see *how* it's practicable.

so I see

Do you?

Sure, I've done cars up before. I see your attitude a lot, and find it fundamentally silly. Sorry but I do.