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Default Computer mouse switch going bad

On Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 4:32:27 PM UTC-5, wrote:
My mouse left button is getting real flakey. I took the whole thing
apart and cleaned everything. It still dont work all the time, so I
guess that switch is going bad. There dont seem to be any place to get
some contact cleaner inside of it.

Have any of you ever found a way to repair these switches?

Yea, I know computer mice are cheap, but I need a PS/2 connector and
want a ball mouse. I dont like the infared mice, and can not use a USB
mouse on my Windows 98 computer.

So, I have to order this on ebay since all the ones in the stores are
USB and infared these days.

So, until I can get one from ebay, is there any temporary fix? (The
other mouse functions work fine).

The switch inside is called a tact-switch and these are readily available and can be installed easily by anyone with soldering skills. The switches themselves are not "cleanable" typically. In most cases the small metal diaphragm gets fatigued and won't work properly. These switches usually cost less than $1