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Default Dalton Lathes

On Friday, December 26, 2003 at 11:31:31 AM UTC-5, Dennis Turk wrote:
To all Dalton owners and people interested in Dalton equipment. My
name is Dennis Turk and I own seven Dalton lathes, one lot 3 and six
lot 4 machines. The range of age is before 1914 and to after 1925. I
do not use the lathes as they are for restoration and display.

There is a group of Dalton owners that share pictures information and
in some cases replacement parts. There is I believe 13 people in this
group. We are known as just the Dalton Gang.:-) Two of the people
live in England, as it seems Daltons ended up over there also.

There are no multi function machines in the group. The group is
comprised of one lot 2 lathe two lot 3 lathes sixteen lot 4 lathes and
one lot 6. The lot number is just in front of your serial number and
denotes the model. B-4 or B-6.

Not all lathes especially the early ones have model tags on them only
a lot #. We keep a record of all Lot and Serial numbers and this way
we can gestimate the approximate age or year of build for the lathes.

In this group there is also one very original peddle or foot powered
lathe that has the hand lever on the tailstock. Really interesting
machine. Devil to run though.

I would be interested in communicating with anyone that owns a Dalton
lathe for the purpose of tracking serial numbers and helping others
with problems with their lathes. There are a very small number of
replacement parts available. These are used but serviceable.

In some of the postings there was a question as to the age of Dalton
tool works. We know that Herbert Dalton started the company some time
before 1912 and it failed in the stock market crash of 1929. In 1930
Elecrolux purchased the property and built vacuum cleaners there

Thanks and I hope to hear form all Dalton owners.

Just purchased Dalton lathe lot #5 No 248. The lathe is missing most of the gears for the lead screw. Is there a source for these gears or if not, perhaps drawings and list gears/numbers of teeth.

Thanking you in advance.

Colin Campbell