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Default Drill Press Foot Switch

Larry Jaques wrote:
On Thu, 16 Feb 2017 22:03:17 -0500, "Michael A. Terrell"

Larry Jaques wrote:
On Thu, 16 Feb 2017 16:47:17 -0500, "Michael A. Terrell"

Larry Jaques wrote:

I ran the big Gorton mill at Gunners to tap the little handle we made
for the height adjuster on the DP table. A knob on the VFD + an
ON_OFF_ON switch controlled the speed and direction. That was sweet.
My buddy Glenn has a VFD and speed knobs for his mill, too. It _sure_
as hell beats changing belts, the way I learned in 8th grade.

At least you learned something, in the eighth grade! ;-)

The other thing I learned then was not to get my tie caught in that
spinny thing on the left side of the lathe.

Ties are only worn for weddings and funerals.

Then and now. The safety rules we were given in the '60s had last
been updated in the '50s.

I've only worn a tie about three times, since 1972. That was when I
was in the Army. After that, it was for one wedding, and two funerals.
Before you ask, it wasn't for the same people.

The shop classes I took in the mid '60s stressed removing any loose
clothing, before class started. No ties, sweaters or baggy long sleeve
shirts were allowed. If a shirt was long sleeve, the cuffs had to fit
tight, and be buttoned. This was due to the fact of the metalshop and
woodshop teachers having been hired from factories.

Never **** off an Engineer!

They don't get mad.

They don't get even.

They go for over unity! ;-)