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Default Drill Press Foot Switch

Bob La Londe wrote:
I've been playing with a regular foot switch on my floor standing
drill press. Overall I like it except that the work light isn't on
except when I am standing on the switch. I can of course wire the
foot switch into the leads to the motor, but I was wondering if there
is any overriding reason not to have a foot switch on a drill press.
It's really quick for some types of job.

I walk with a cane, so I installed a footswitch about 15 years ago.
That lets me work one handed, with the added feature that if something
goes wrong just stepping back from the drill press will turn it off.
Mine is wired in series with the rocker switch for the motor, and it is
rated for 20A. This allows the light to be turned on, when it's needed.

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