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Default Drill Press Foot Switch

On 2017-02-06, Bob La Londe wrote:
"DoN. Nichols" wrote in message
On 2017-02-06, Martin Eastburn wrote:
Mills have a nice optional unit for tapping - auto-reverse on a set of

[ ... ]

Made just for taping.

Sounds like a TapMatic, or a Procunier, or even a Buck/Ridgid
Supreme VersaTapper tapping head. I have two sizes of the TapMatic, and
one of the Buck for larger taps.

[ ... ]

Mind you -- none of these are particularly affordable, new.

No kidding. Even the small import starts at about 150-199. Still as
machine tools go they are well worth that and then some if you tap a lot of
holes. I tap so many 10-32 and 1/4-20 holes I hardly ever take my tapping
heads off their respective drill presses. I'm actually thinking about
setting up a drill press island in the shop. 6 bench tops around a table
with my most common drills and taps all premounted and only removed to be
replaced with the same size when they get dull.

Hmm ... have you looked at the Burgmaster turret drill press?

Search eBay on: "Burgmaster turret drill press"

and you will find a number, from quite reasonable prices to quite scary
prices. :-)

I learned about them because my #30 Tapmatic was marked as being
for a Burgmaster turret drill press.

The press has 6 spindles, so you can have it set up with three
drills and three taping heads -- save a lot of space vs your island of
six drill presses. :-) (Or, six tapping heads with drill-taps, if you
are making through holes.)

The first hit is auction # 172509444719

but it has only 12 hours to go, so it may be sold by the time you see

If you are planning to buy six drill presses for your island,
even one of the more expensive (and in better shape) ones might be worth
your while.

Note that each spindle has its own depth stop, which makes it
good for drilling and tapping with a Tapmatic head. (I keep planning to
get one, but have not yet. :-)

Your island would make more sense if there are more workers in
your shop than just you. The turret press is better for a single

Good Luck,

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